iMake was the result of a collaborative class between SCAD and a major luxury automotive company. We were given a very open brief having the opportunity to explore many areas. After weeks of extensive research, we developed iMake: setting the stage for the ultimate playground.

My Responsibilities

Product and Service Designer

Primary and Secondary Research. 3D Modeling and Prototyping. Website Designer. iMake Service Lead. CAD Modeler.


10 weeks


We conducted interviews with friends and family, organized user probes, shared online surveys, SWOT analysis, many different diagrams and extensive affinitizing sessions we navigated through our research to find what would be the perfect match for our target customer. Who is our target customer? Millenial Makers.


During this phase we explored concepts through, sketches, rapid prototyping workshop, 3D modeling, 3D printing, rough prototyping. We also imagine a day in the life of our key personas to develop storyboards.


We started to choose the best ideas and start putting everything together to make a full story. We selected those ideas as well as get into the details of iMake.


Towards the end of the project we were able to fully develop all of the final concepts as well as finding ways of telling the story. This is wehn all of the pieces of the puzzle were put together with the finalization of the website, personas, prototypes, iMake, and so on.


Personas and Customer Journey Map

Instead of idealizing and develop who would our customers be, we realized that everyone in the class represented millennial makers and that we could each create our own persona as well as customer journey map. We focused on understanding our daily life as well as showing the different sides of all of us to proof how millenials are very dynamic and frequently in pursuit of adventures.

Who is the Millenial Maker?



Ines Alvarez

23 years old
Car: Toyota Corolla
Uses car for commuting

Ines gets in her car after school. She places her phone holder attached to the air vent and dials her friend, who gets in the car. Her friend uses the tablet holder on the dash to watch some videos as they're driving. Ines' friend then pulls out her laptop to finish something from school and uses the tray attached to the door to prop up her computer. They drive downtown to go out and Ines grabs some heels from her shoe storage in the front of the car to wear.

Service Concept

iMake is a service that allows BMW Group customers feel connected with one another. It is a platform where the maker community and the millenial colide to contribute to the iMake market. The iMake services provides an online as well as onsite platform that encourages collaboration between the different iMake members and customization of the vast variety of iMake products.




Chelsea represented our iMake explorer level member. She was also the representative of the motherly or child rearing figure that was constantly amongst children. From the starter kit she was most excited by the net and behind the seat storage accessory. After this initial discovery, she went on to procure the “are we there yet?” Kit that could entertain both herself and the kids she was supervising. Following this investment and furthering her venture through the iMake website, she came across the modular storage system which made it a breeze to keep things tidy and organized even with the kids around. Next she encountered the extender rearview mirror which made keeping an eye on the shenanigans in the back a breeze. Her most recent discovery and purchase consisted of the trunk storage organizer which made mobile activities such as arts and crafts a piece of cake.


The iMake digital platform is where the members of the tribe can colaborate, share and explore many opportunities through different channels. An iMake member has access to the major luxury automotive company manufactured products, co-creation forums and member created products. All of the creation can be shared through tutorials, product and artifact pages where members can build off of each other’s creations as well as the ability to market and sell your own creation. The members of the iMake tribe can also see where they might find a physical iMake techshop space at one of the local major luxury automotive company dealerships.